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USFlag_flat_120x63_NoFlagsAllowed_QuestionMark.png(120 × 63 pixels, file size: 4 KB, MIME type: image/png)

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English: A symbol consisting of the flag of the United States superimposed with the international symbol for "no" and a question mark, indicating "No flags allowed?".
Source File:Flag of the United States.svg.
Author Rwannall (Rick Wannall) (talk).
This is a retouched picture, which means that it has been digitally altered from its original version. Modifications: Added international "no" symbol and question mark. The original can be viewed here: Flag of the United States.svg. Modifications made by MS Paint.


PD-icon.svg This file is ineligible for copyright and therefore in the public domain because it consists entirely of information that is common property and contains no original authorship.

Original upload log[edit]

This image is a derivative work of the following images:

  • File:Flag of the United States.svg licensed with PD-ineligible
    • 2010-07-29T06:07:06Z Zscout370 1235x650 (1490 Bytes) Reduce code
    • 2010-07-14T18:24:45Z Dschwen 1235x650 (1664 Bytes) new colors as per [[:w:Talk:Flag of the United States]]
    • 2009-11-27T21:02:40Z Zscout370 1235x650 (1658 Bytes) version by Carl Lindberg
    • 2009-11-26T07:23:06Z Reisio 1235x650 (2028 Bytes) no... I am the one reverting to the status quo, you just reverted to the new version
    • 2009-11-26T06:32:03Z Blurpeace 1235x650 (1468 Bytes) Reverted to version as of 20:37, 24 November 2009 Revert to the status quo. Please start a new discussion on the talk page.
    • 2009-11-26T06:09:43Z Reisio 1235x650 (2028 Bytes) Reverted to version as of 04:59, 21 November 2009
    • 2009-11-24T20:37:10Z Zscout370 1235x650 (1468 Bytes) Reduce code
    • 2009-11-21T04:59:40Z Reisio 1235x650 (2028 Bytes) cleanup
    • 2009-11-17T22:00:01Z Zscout370 1235x650 (1500 Bytes) Now this time it works. All code was saved, except for the beginning (redundant code).
    • 2009-11-16T01:11:16Z Zscout370 1235x650 (1493 Bytes) Reduce code
    • 2009-11-01T18:00:29Z Zscout370 1235x650 (1822 Bytes) Reverted to version as of 21:13, 11 October 2009 (colors were not referenced, I will speak to you on IRC Huib)
    • 2009-11-01T17:18:30Z Abigor 1235x650 (1776 Bytes) Per talkpage
    • 2009-10-11T21:13:13Z Zscout370 1235x650 (1822 Bytes) Pantone colors from the US Embassy in London, shades from
    • 2008-05-14T00:43:53Z Technion 1235x650 (1776 Bytes) Flipped definition of "pt" to point upward (previously pointed downward) in order to make the code more intuitive; expanded "id" names to make code more readable; see discussion page for more info.
    • 2008-05-13T17:30:42Z Technion 1235x650 (1776 Bytes) Tightened file size further, plus made minor modifications to allow the SVG file to be rendered properly by browsers with less robust SVG support (such as Apple Safari)
    • 2008-05-13T09:30:30Z Dha 1235x650 (2000 Bytes) Reverted to version as of 04:42, 5 April 2007
    • 2008-04-07T20:05:43Z Dha 1330x700 (3994 Bytes) Reverted to version as of 23:02, 28 March 2007
    • 2007-04-05T04:42:15Z Technion 1235x650 (2000 Bytes) Proposed simplified version written from scratch, derived directly from sec 04 00000001----000-notes.html (should be geometrically identical)
    • 2007-03-28T23:02:13Z Indolences 1330x700 (3994 Bytes) fixing doctype
    • 2006-04-26T10:35:47Z Jacobolus 1330x700 (3990 Bytes) rm unnecessary attributes I added in last version
    • 2006-04-26T10:32:22Z Jacobolus 1330x700 (4074 Bytes) wrap "reusable code" in tag as recommended by wc3
    • 2006-04-26T07:54:57Z Jacobolus 1330x700 (3860 Bytes) add metadata, some id's
    • 2006-04-26T01:27:47Z Jacobolus 380x200 (40560 Bytes)
    • 2006-03-24T19:01:02Z Dbenbenn 1330x700 (2213 Bytes) Stars are now exact. Based on an idea of [[User:Pumbaa80]].
    • 2006-01-28T23:08:53Z Dbenbenn 1330x700 (2315 Bytes) Previous version had a miscalculation--stars were shifted left by 0.02%, whoops! Also, this version now uses viewBox to have a reasonable default size.
    • 2005-11-29T00:09:11Z Dbenbenn 18525x9750 (2856 Bytes) more precise version: stars are now accurate to 42 decimal places
    • 2005-10-03T21:44:58Z Dbenbenn 18525x9750 (2511 Bytes) change red back to BF0A30, and completely rewrite SVG code, using Zscout's tag idea, but with increased precision
    • 2005-10-03T19:10:15Z Zscout370 18525x9750 (10714 Bytes) Made it into a 130 pixel hoist, as per request on my talk page.
    • 2005-10-03T19:02:59Z Zscout370 190x100 (9382 Bytes) The cloning is done, but everyone is welcome to reduce the file size even more. :D
    • 2005-10-01T10:06:37Z Dbenbenn 570x300 (16337 Bytes) change red back to BF0A30, according to cited references
    • 2005-09-27T04:15:03Z Zscout370 570x300 (16337 Bytes) Made the flag 300x570, fixed the colors. I also cut the file size down by over half. I am going to reduce it more once I have time.
    • 2005-09-11T02:28:22Z Dbenbenn 247x130 (37051 Bytes) change red to BF0A30, blue to 002868, according to [[w:Image talk:Us flag large.png]]
    • 2005-09-11T02:25:42Z Dbenbenn 247x130 (37051 Bytes) from and symbols/flags/america/united states.svg, by Daniel McRae, PD

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