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There's a spelling mistake: it should be Anterior inferior tibiofibular ligament. Also, shouldn't the posterior part also be "tibiofibular" and not "tibial", for consistency? These remarks don't apply to
The link to gives a 404.
Isidore (talk) 08:58, 24 May 2011 (UTC)

3 errors in the figure[edit]

  • There are 3 errors in this figure:
  1. the correct name of the "anterior inferior tibiofobular ligament" is anterior tibiofibular ligament (see: en:Anterior tibiofibular ligament),
  2. the correct name of the "posterior inferior tibial ligament" is posterior tibiofibular ligament (see: en:Posterior tibiofibular ligament),
  3. the placement of the anterior tibiofibular ligament (or as in the figure: "anterior inferior tibiofobular ligament") must be between the fibula and the tibia (see the Arabic version of the file:Ankle ar.svg).

Does anyone have time to correct the English, the Spanish and the numbered versions? Thank you very much. --DrFO.Tn (talk) 12:44, 23 January 2015 (UTC)