Jurong Bird Park

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en: Jurong BirdPark zh: 裕廊飞禽公园


African Wetlands[edit]

Penguin Expedition[edit]

Talking Birds[edit]

Flamingo Pool[edit]


Flamingo Lake[edit]

Pelican Cove[edit]

Swan Lake[edit]

Parrot Paradise[edit]

Waterfall Aviary[edit]

Flightless Birds[edit]

Jungle Jewels[edit]

Southeast Asian Birds[edit]

Birds of Prey[edit]

Lory Loft[edit]

Hornbills and Toucans[edit]

Window on Paradise[edit]

Royal Ramble[edit]

World of Darkness[edit]

Bird shows and photography sessions[edit]

Pools Amphitheatre[edit]

Fuji Hawk Walk[edit]

Photography with Birds[edit]


Main Entrance[edit]


Scenes around the park[edit]