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Maria II (Rio de Janeiro, April 4, 1819Lisbon, November 15, 1853), named Maria da Glória Joana Carlota Leopoldina da Cruz Francisca Xavier de Paula Isidora Micaela Gabriela Rafaela Gonzaga de Áustria e Bragança, was the Queen of Portugal from 1826 to 1853.

The daughter of the future King Pedro IV of Portugal (Emperor of Brazil as Pedro I) and his first wife, Maria Leopoldina, Archduchess of Austria, herself a daughter of Emperor Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor, she was the second Queen regnant of Portugal and Algarves and the 29th (or 30th according to some historians) Portuguese monarch.

Marriages and descendants[edit]

Maria first married Auguste Charles, 2nd Duke of Leuchtenberg, son of Eugène de Beauharnais, grandson of Empress Josephine, who died soon arriving in Portugal. She married again to Ferdinand II of Portugal, son of Ferdinand August of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and his wife Maria Antoniette Gabrielle of Koháry.

Name Birth Death Notes
Auguste, 2nd Duke of Leuchtenberg (December 9, 1810 – March 28, 1835; married in 1835)
By Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg- and Gotha (October 29, 1816 – December 15, 1885; married on April 9, 1836)
Peter V September 16, 1837 November 11, 1861 Who succeeded his mother as Peter V, the 31st (or according to some historians 32nd) King of Portugal.
Luís I October 31, 1838 October 19, 1889 Who succeeded his brother Peter as the 32nd (or according to some historians 33rd) King of Portugal.
Infanta Maria October 4, 1840 October 4, 1840  
Infante João March 16, 1842 December 27, 1861 Duke of Beja
Infanta Maria Ana August 21, 1843 February 5, 1884 Married King George of Saxony and was mother of King Frederick Augustus III of Saxony.
Infanta Antónia February 17, 1845 December 27, 1913 Married Leopold, Prince of Hohenzollern and was the mother of King Ferdinand I of Romania.
Infante Fernando July 23, 1846 November 6, 1861 Died of cholera in 1861.
Augustus, Duke of Coimbra November 4, 1847 September 26, 1889 Duke of Coimbra.
Infante Leopoldo May 7, 1849 May 7, 1849  
Infanta Maria da Glória February 3, 1851 February 3, 1851  
Infante Eugénio November 15, 1853 November 15, 1853  

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