Nizar Kabbani

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نزار توفيق قباني شاعر سوري دمشقي (21 مارس/آذار 1923 - 30 أبريل/نيسان 1998)، يعد من أعظم الشعراء العرب ومن أوائل رواد الشعر الحديث في سوريا والعالم العربي.

Nizar Qabbani is a famous Syrian poet, born in Damascus on 21 March 1923 and died at 74 years of age in London on 30 April 1998. He was a pioneer of modern poetry. He was famouse for his two extreme trends of poetry, love and politics. A drama series portraying his life was produced and shown on most Arab TV networks in 2006.

He also composed many works of prose, such as My Story with Poetry, What Poetry Is, and Words Know Anger, On Poetry, Sex, and Revolution, and The Woman in My Poetry and My Life, as well as lyrics of many famous songs of celebrated Arab singers, among them Abdel Halim Hafez, Fairuz, Magda el-Roumi, Asalah Nasri|Asalah, Kazem al-Saher and Latifa.