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中文(繁體)‎: 本交通標線圖像來自中華民國交通部及内政部發布之《道路交通標誌標線號誌設置規則第{{{條號}}}條,其依據在臺灣地區實施之中華民國著作權法第九條 (著作權標的之限制),不得為著作權之標的

PDF 出處 source: [1] (2007-09-17), [2] (2006-12-13), 或 or [3] (2003-09-24)
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English: This image of traffic indicating line is from Article {{{Article number}}} the Regulations for Road Traffic Signs, Markings, and Signals publicized by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of China (Taiwan), which shall not be the subject matter of copyright pursuant to Article 9 of the Copyright Act of the Republic of China in effect in the Taiwan Area.
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