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Welcome to my userpage. Please be nice ^_^

A short description of my work in here[edit]

What I mostly do in here is nominating files for deletion, do something related to Wiki Loves Monuments or Earth and occasional upload files. I am also a translation administrator in here. Besides I have filemove flag which I use to fulfil some random requests or fix some file names I encounter, more rarely I go on a full scale hunt on files with mix of alphabets in name. As to upload wizard campaign editor flag I use it mostly during start of WLM/WLE in order to update a campaign per new local contest rules.

I have quite many flags in here as well as in other wikis. If you feel like I need a reminding about a long inactivity in use of some of them - do not be shy to do it. The time goes fast and sometimes with a shock I realize that what I thought was just recently was actually over a year ago.


I prefer speaking English in here but you are free to write me also in Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian (though I can't answer you in the latter one). I am on the very start of learning Japanese (for about 4 years now, hehe) and Spanish but I would be able to understand what you write in them only if you use very rudimentary sentences. I also can grab sense of other Slavic languages than the ones I mentioned especially if they are in Cyrillic, but it is never near 100% of understanding.

Useful tools[edit]

To be filled.

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