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Photographer since early 1980th starting with Porst CR3 / Fujica AX1, Minolta Dynax 5xi and some other stuff. Nikon D300 since 2006, D700 since 2008, D810 since 2015 and Z7 since May 2019. Working for Photo Porst in Germany and FUJIFILM European headquarter for a couple of years.

By the way, I'm not interested in QI's or something else because one single vote will tell everybody: this picture has some quality. I've found one person promoting my picture. Isn't it great? People with QI's don't make good photos but have good friends.

I prefer the usage of my pictures. more than 45 % of my pictures are used in articles by Wikipedia. This is my way of providing quality.

More will follow time by time.

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my statistics are here: statistics in detail

checkout my galleries

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