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This image, or its original, was copied from to be used in Wikimedia projects.
For a complete description of the image (possibly updated!), the [ page at InsectImages] should be considered to be the primary source, as the image database with meta data is maintained there!

So, for more image-info visit the [ image page at InsectImages]!
Date unspecified
Synanthedon culiciformis.jpg This image is Image Number {{{imgnum}}} at Insect Images, a source for entomological images operated by The Bugwood Network at the University of Georgia and the USDA Forest Service.
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Template Usage[edit]


  • {{{1}}}: Taxonomic name
  • license= : Name of valid license template on Wikimedia Commons. Example: license=cc-by-3.0-us or license=cc-by-sa-3.0-us
  • imgnum=12345 : Image ID-number for url:
    • url= : specify complete URL if different from above
  • dscr= : Extra description to append to taxonomic name
  • Standard this usage text is displayed: "Image Use: You must attribute the work in the manner specified (but not in any way that suggests endorsement)."
    • use= : if a different text is specified on InsectImages, then display it via Use=Whatever the text...
  • othr= : Any wikisyntax complete reference to other version(s)
  • crop=Blabla.jpg : Links to the cropped version :Image:Blabla.jpg
  • org=Blabla.jpg : Links to the original version :Image:Blabla.jpg
  • watermark=1 : Adds watermark notice for images with image number blended in.
  • meta2exif=1 : Adds corresponding template for derived images that contain meta data.
  • Category P4b_{{{1}}} is always added.
    • cat3=Xyz : Adds Category:P4b3rdXyz. If not specified Category:P4b3rd is added.
    • catx= : Full name of extra category
    • caty= : Full name of extra category
    • catz= : Full name of extra category


{{User:Pudding4brains/InsectImages|Homo sapiens|license=cc-by-3.0-us |imgnum=123456 |by=John Smith, etc etc etc |dscr= (male) |cat3=Mens}}

{{User:Pudding4brains/InsectImages|Homo sapiens|license=cc-by-3.0-us |imgnum=123456 |by=John Smith, etc etc etc |use=Unrestricted usage allowed |watermark=1}}