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This is a P4b_testcategory. Please use: main category Animalia (or gallery) instead.


  • Unnamed/{{{1}}}: Binomen if species, taxon for higher taxa (for compatibility)
  • tax= aberratio (abr), cultivar (cul), hybrida (hyb), forma (frm), varietas (var), species (spc), genus (gen), tribus (trb), subfamilia (subfam), familia (fam), superfamilia (supfam), sectio (sec), series (ser), subordo (subord), ordo (ord), classis (cls), divisio (div), phylum (phy), regnum (reg).
  • abr= name of aberratio
  • cul= name of cultivar
  • frm= name of forma
  • hyb= name of hybrida
  • var= name of varietas
  • spc= name of species (NOT binomen)
  • gen= name of genus
  • fam= name of familia
  • etc etc

Use the extension _i to indicate informative usage of the variable only (= not used for linking); so "supfam_i=Blabla" will show membership superfamilia "Blabla" in Taxo-information, but will not try to link to categories and/or galleries with the name "Blabla".