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Hi, my username is Neutron2018 and got that idea after watching Hannah Montana when I was expecting to see any drama TV show on Disney Channel since any drama can help me speak better and have better conversations. I am going to change my username to Neutron100 now that I am comparing myself to Jimmy Neutron. If you know me in person, my real name is Benjamin, but you can call me Robbie as an alternative. I also have a YouTube account as well as a Flickr account and a Deviantart account. I'm also a big transit fan of buses and the metro, but sometimes I take pictures of animals so I can show you what I saw at a certain place. I feel neutral sometimes because I'm sometimes excited for the new metrorail cars as well as new transit buses to be delivered, but I'm OK with that as long as I got my more recent pics and videos of the older ones.

I am mainly (primarily) into cars and school buses.

I am secondarily into transit buses and metro rail.

If you have any request for buses, trains, or anything else contact me privately.