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I used to work as a semi-professional newspaper photographer, and was high school and college photographer, but now just do it as an occasional hobby. Since I've always loved Ansel Adams' style of nature photography (and told him so in person,) I often experiment with black and white film or else convert color shots to b/w on the computer.

I still use a trusty 35MM film camera for ease of use and flexibility. In college, for part-time work, I was the assistant to a magazine cover photographer, who used an 8x10 camera with seven large strobes each with massive batteries, in the studio. Her work was similar in quality to movie stills from the 30s and 40s, with amazing detail. She had shot countless movie stars' portraits during her career. I've since come to value good portrait photos.

Many bio articles lack good images, I've discovered. When I find useful images that are PD, based on copyright laws noted in film still, for example, I have uploaded them and add them to relevant bios. I try to abide by the Commons precautionary principle when doing so.

Sample images added.