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If you request the rollback-right, please read the how-to first.

Admins and anyone with global rollback don't need to request rollback.

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How to make a request

  1. First make sure you clicked the correct edit-link and you are actually requesting the right you want.
  2. Copy the following and append it to the text-area:
    {{subst:rfr|{{subst:REVISIONUSER}}|2=reason}} Thank you. ~~~~
  3. Replace reason with a rationale based on the rollback guideline, renaming guideline or the patroller guideline
  4. Press Save page


  • Please check back periodically so you can respond to any queries.
  • If your request has remained unanswered for several days, consider personally asking an administrator.
  • Administrators, please welcome users granted a new right with an appropriate message.
  • When requesting rights that need support by the community (e.g. administrator) please go to Commons:Requests and votes!




Thank you. 6AND5 (talk) 08:49, 23 February 2015 (UTC)
Only has 303 edits done, not close to the 500 as requested on the notice. But edits looks good? Abigor talk 09:46, 23 February 2015 (UTC)
The minimum criteria is based on useful good edits already. If 200 fewer were okay, then the criteria should be changed. (BTW, I see 272 edits) -- (talk) 10:06, 23 February 2015 (UTC)
 Not done Only 272 edits - including POTY votes and a editwar (reported on AN/U). Not experienced enough. --Steinsplitter (talk) 11:44, 23 February 2015 (UTC)

AutoWikiBrowser access[edit]


Requesting access to AWB (already have this on few languages wiki projects) Thank you. Cherkash (talk) 04:26, 1 February 2015 (UTC)
Why do you need AWB access on Commons? --Didym (talk) 15:51, 2 February 2015 (UTC)
Mostly to make fixes like spelling, etc. - small but potentially laborious if done by hand. Cherkash (talk) 01:31, 3 February 2015 (UTC)
@Cherkash: example? --Steinsplitter (talk) 11:59, 6 February 2015 (UTC)
No reply for one week. Closing as  Not done --Steinsplitter (talk) 16:43, 13 February 2015 (UTC)
Can't expect people to be online all the time ;) Do you want an example of pages with spelling errors, etc.? Cherkash (talk) 05:18, 15 February 2015 (UTC)


I have access to AWB in pt-wiki and request the permission to use it on commons. I think the tool will be usefull to general fixes that i want to do in Category:Media missing infobox template. Rodrigolopes (talk) 18:32, 13 February 2015 (UTC)
✓ Done--Ymblanter (talk) 11:49, 17 February 2015 (UTC)



I want to help with unpatrolled newly created pages and participate in the maintenance and the good running of Commons. I used to be an autopatrolled, but I am no longer! I don't know why. Thank you. — D Y O L F 77[Talk] 12:15, 16 February 2015 (UTC)
✓ Done Your autopatroller right was removed because LR's are autopatrolled) --Steinsplitter (talk) 12:22, 16 February 2015 (UTC)



I am requesting rollback to undo my own edits more quickly. I recently made some mistakes with Cat-A-Lot and was freaking out wondering where the heck the rollback links were! I am a sysop on enwiki if that means anything. Over there anti-vandalism is the bulk of my contributions, though I don't anticipate "patrolling" here on Commons. Thanks — MusikAnimal talk 02:35, 17 February 2015 (UTC)
✓ Done. — regards, Revi 04:31, 17 February 2015 (UTC)


I would like to have rollback to help with patrolling the new edits for vandalism Thank you. Abigor talk 10:15, 23 February 2015 (UTC)
✓ Done --Steinsplitter (talk) 10:16, 23 February 2015 (UTC)



I ask for filemoving rights as i was requested to change filenames in the context of Quality images review (Filename of the pics only include the name of the festival, but not the name of the artists). Seems obligatory to get the QI status. --rs-foto (talk) 08:24, 25 February 2015 (UTC)
✓ Done. Please read the renaming guideline before renaming files for other reasons. --Krd 10:58, 25 February 2015 (UTC)


I requested renaming some hundreds of files, also I continue by it to be engaged actively. Please give me file mover rights for process improvements. --Matsievsky (talk) 11:13, 8 February 2015 (UTC)

Pictogram voting comment.svg Comment @Billinghurst: has previously removed the filemover flag from this user and has ignored three requests for it to be returned. Hence, Billinghurst's input would be useful in re-granting of right (to be honest, given Matsievsky requests, I'm not sure they properly understand renaming criteria). ColonialGrid (talk) 11:50, 8 February 2015 (UTC)

Failure teaches success. --Matsievsky (talk) 13:39, 8 February 2015 (UTC)
  • @Billinghurst: do you have any objections to this user being returned the rename bit? ColonialGrid (talk) 13:26, 15 February 2015 (UTC)
  • I'm sorry, but Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose. Matsievsky are very active user, but often makes non-consensual edits. It would be good if someone will be check his requests. --sasha (krassotkin) 14:12, 15 February 2015 (UTC)
    • With which others agree. krassotkin, give examples for non-consensual and often at last time. --Matsievsky (talk) 17:53, 15 February 2015 (UTC)
      • It's enough to read your User talk:Matsievsky. But I have myself experience of discussion, as you know. --sasha (krassotkin) 18:12, 15 February 2015 (UTC)
        • I don't understand, krassotkin, why to you last year's snow. Now all in a different way, the caravan goes. --Matsievsky (talk) 23:11, 15 February 2015 (UTC)
  •  Not done --Ymblanter (talk) 09:20, 16 February 2015 (UTC)

Esprit Fugace[edit]

I check broken links to files on fr.wp, and often find small mistakes in file names via this chore. Requesting a renaming is easy enough, but it would be just simpler for everyone if I got the filemover right. To do the backlog last year, I requested (and got) a temp adminship here, but the filemover right is the only one I really could use (anyway I don't want to bother with more on a permanent basis). I'm mostly contributing on fr.wp, where I'm a bureaucrat since 2007. I'm familiar with the renaming policy here. Thank you. Esprit Fugace (talk) 10:00, 20 February 2015 (UTC)
Achieving 1,000 edits on Commons is considered a low bar for this right. Is there a reason why meeting this is not possible for you? -- (talk) 10:04, 20 February 2015 (UTC)
None. I can wait a year or more and ask again. Or I could invest time here I would then not spend on fr.wp just to get the right number of edits. I just don't see why. I won't be more (or less) fit for this in a year or two than I am now. Giving me the right would just be that much less work for current filemovers. Not giving me the right isn't really a bother for me, either, since the tool to request a renaming is quite easy to use. I'm just not a big fan of explaining each time why I'm requesting a renaming when one is first refused (like there or there), but then it's not that often an issue. Esprit Fugace (talk) 10:19, 20 February 2015 (UTC) (PS : also, if number of edits is that important, I claim those of User:Blinking Spirit (65), my secondary account, which I don't use often here since SUL activation.)
✓ Done I see a sufficient number of good rename requests and a few moves in your history, so I have no problem giving you a tool you have a use for. INeverCry 10:32, 20 February 2015 (UTC)
Thank you, user:INeverCry. Esprit Fugace (talk) 10:38, 20 February 2015 (UTC)

Upload Wizard campaign editors[edit]

Translation administrators & GW Toolset users[edit]