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Flinfo is a tool which provides an already filled out version of Template:Information for a picture at Flickr identified by its id.


  1. Insert the ID of the picture: You find it in its url (mostly at the end of it). For example; in the ID would be 151898652
  2. "Get Flickr-Info"
  3. "Download original size" and save the picture to your local hard disk.
  4. Check the image description by using "Preview" and change things like missing categories. Don't save the preview!
  5. Click "Open upload form" and copy the contents of the changed image description into it.
  6. Change the destination filename if necessary.
  7. Upload the picture.
  8. You're done.
  9. For more help ask at Commons:Help desk.

For advanced users[edit]

Administrators and trusted users[edit]

Administrators and trusted users can directly insert a personalized version of Template:Flickrreview. Email or ICQ me for an account!

Input parameters[edit]

If you want to have further control of Flinfo's output, you can use one or more of these parameters when calling it:

  • description
  • categories: list of categories the picture should have (separated by semicolons)
  • destfile: upload filename (without .jpg)


Please keep in mind, that setting one of these parameters will prevent Flinfo from taking the information for this field from Flickr.

Source code[edit]

Source code is available at .