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Welcome Willkommen Bienvenue RE

to the user-page of Rainer from Europe - RILLKE.

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Hallo, my name is Rainer. You can find my activities at German Wikipedia or on Commons. If you have questions, don't hesitate to drop me a line.


Deleting bad-quality files

If I uploaded a bad-quality-file, feel free to delete it if there are better equivalents, without any note. (But make sure that bad quality or similiar is mentioned in the deletion-log.)

Reusing content

If you want to use one of the files licensed under cc-by-sa-3.0 or GFDL outside wikimedia, you can add

User Rillke at Wikimedia Commons

(properly spelled (simply copy and paste)) as the author. It would be kind if you send me a -link to- or -copy of- the media using this file. Thanks.

Are you a volunteer?

Yes. I am not paid. I wrote tools like Visual File Change or Gallery tool because I believe people should not waste their time manually seeking information or doing tasks better done by intelligent software. You can support me, helping to reduce the list at Commons:User Scripts.

Did you send out cease and desist letters to re-users?

No. I will note this here, if I do. If you received one, it is likely someone else trying to make money. If you add proper attribution and comply with the licensing terms (they are provided at each file description page as well as buttons for easily reusing), you don't have to fear anything.

I am working in other projects you are maybe interested in.

I am active in the german Wikipedia, too

Visit me, user Rillke, at Wikipedia

TW Visit me, user Rillke, at TranslateWiki

European Flags.jpg
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