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Aviation to-do list[edit]

Create galleries of individual aircraft types with the desired result of a photo of each airline to have operated the aircraft type (with a link to the Commons category). Under construction:

Videos to upload[edit]

The following are videos which I have downloaded and will work on editing and converting.


The following are blanket permissions for the use of individual's Polandball comics from /r/polandball. The permission for each redditor is only valid for those comics which are marked "redditormade" (in red). Unless otherwise stated, all of these comics are licenced under CC-BY-SA-3.0

To-do list[edit]

  • Assess photos from here for suitability for uploading to Commons for Aunghtike on my.wp
  • Organise for old upload form to be appended with {{Infobox aircraft image}}
  • Do a template up for this site and organise for it to be included on all images/replace current licencing

Notes for myself[edit]


TUSC token: 46d7f65d9eeebb3bd51cf2dd85679b18

Alternate accounts[edit]

I have a couple of alternate accounts which I am disclosing here: