İstanbul Arkeoloji Müzeleri

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Museo archeologico nazionale - Archaeological Museum[edit]

Padiglione orientale - Oriental pavilion[edit]

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Esterno / Outdoor[edit]

Source(s): [2]

Padiglione delle ceramiche / Ceramics arts pavilion[edit]

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Ala sinistra: Sarcofagi dei re di Sidone[edit]

Sarcofago di Alessandro - Alexander sarcophagus[edit]

  • (del secolo IV a.C.)

Source(s): [4]

Sarcofago delle piangenti - Sarcophagus of the mourning women[edit]

  • (del 350 a.C. ca.)

Source(s): [5]

Sarcofagi egittizzanti dei re di Sidone - Egyptian style sarcophagi of the kings of Sidon[edit]

Source(s): [6]

Sarcofago regio licio - Lycian royal sarcophagus[edit]

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Ala destra[edit]

Mostra temporanea "Bunte Götter" / Temporary exhibition "Bunte Götter"[edit]

  • Italiano: Durante la mia visita al museo di Istanbul era temporaneamente in esposizione la mostra "Bunte Götter" ("Dèi colorati") sul tema del colore nella scultura antica.
  • English: While visiting the museum I found on display the temporary exhibition "Bunte Götter" ("Coloured gods") dealing with colouring in ancient sculpture.

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Sale 1-2 / Room 1-2[edit]

Source(s): [9]

Sala 3 / Room 3[edit]

Source(s): [10]

Sala IV / Room 4[edit]

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Statua di Ermafodito / Hermaphroditus[edit]
Gruppo di mensole colossali[edit]

Sala V - Room 5[edit]

Sala VI / Room 6[edit]

Ritratti romani / Roman portraits[edit]

Sala VII / room 7[edit]

Apollo and the Muses group / Gruppo di Apollo e le Muse[edit]
Gigantomachia / Gigantomachy[edit]

Ultima sala (arte romana) - Last room: late hellenistic sculpture[edit]

Piano superiore - First floor[edit]

Palmira / Palmyra[edit]