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  1. (category), Alnus cordata, Italian Alder
  2. (category), Alnus firma, Japan Alder
  3. (category), Alnus formosana, Formosan Alder
  4. (category), Alnus glutinosa, Common Alder
  5. (category), Alnus hirsuta, Manchurian Alder
  6. (category), Alnus incana, Grey Alder
  7. (category), Alnus jorullensis, Mexican Alder
  8. (category), Alnus maritima, Seaside Alder
  9. (category), Alnus maximowiczii,
  10. (category), Alnus nitida, Himalayan Alder
  11. (category), Alnus rhombifolia, White Alder
  12. (category), Alnus rubra, Red Alder
  13. (category), Alnus serrulata, Hazel alder
  14. (category), Alnus trabeculosa,
  15. (category), Alnus viridis, Green Alder
  16. (category), Alnus × spaethii,