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The leopard complex of genes that cause a particular type of spotting, seen on this page, is most commonly associated with the Appaloosa horse breed, though is also seen in other breeds such as the Knabstrup. Thus, "Appaloosa" is not the correct term for all horses of this color spotting pattern, simply the most common breed to carry these genetics.




Leopard pattern[edit]

Few Spot[edit]

Varnish Roan[edit]

Head, Eye, Hoof[edit]

Mare and Foal[edit]

Charlies first stand

Bayley seeking milk first time

Other Foals

Appaloosa and Pinto[edit]

Some Pictures of the same two Horses: (Pinto horse und Appaloosa (de), Pinto horse and Appaloosa (en), Pinto horse et Appaloosa (fr), Pinto horse en Appaloosa (nl), T’chfau d’indyin èt Apalousa (wa))

History and Film[edit]