Ardennes (department)

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Blasons de France

The french department (administrative area) of Ardennes comes from Ardennes massif that lays on north east of France, south Belgium and Luxemburg. It was created during the French Revolution, on March the 4th, 1790, according to the law of December, the 22nd 1789. It was made of part of the ancient provinces of Champagne, Argonne (celtic: "Ar Gonn", tansl: "deep forest") and Principalty of Sedan. Origins: The name of "Ardennes" ("Ar Denn", from old celtic : "the forest") was first mentioned by Julius Ceasar who talked in his "War of Gaules" about a celtic female god, who was named "Arduinna" (female warrior god usally painted as riding a wild boar).

Famous "Ardennais"[edit]

- Robert de Sorbon (1201-1274), who created in Paris la Sorbonne, the famous french university, was born in the village of Sorbon, near Rethel;

- Guillaume de Machault (1284-1370), poet, author of Livre du Voir Dit, was born in Machault;

- Turenne (1611-1675), maréchal de France, was born in Sedan;

- Corvisart (1755-1821), famous doctor and scientist, was born in Dricourt, near Vouziers;

- Hippolyte Taine (1828-1893), philosoph & historian, member of the Académie française, was born in Vouziers;

- Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891), one of the most famous poet from France, was born in Charleville.