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An astrologer practices one or more forms of astrology. In the past, when the separation between astronomy and astrology was not as pronounced as it is today, they were "observers of the stars".

Astrologers are also sometimes known as astrologists. Historically the term mathematicus was used to denote a person proficient in astrology, astronomy, and mathematics.

Astrology is an interesting subject and has been pursued since ancient times. Its applications are diverse in the field of identification of state of health, studies, finances, relationships, recognition, professional success, spiritual advancement, etc. etc. Creative contributions have been made to the astrological analytical techniques for the benefits of the humanity at large. Astrology is developing as a regular profession in the form of consultancy and astrological remedial measures. The strength of planets and the functional nature of planets is identified to help people come out of life problems. Application of astrological remedial measures as a preventive measures helps a lot in enjoying good health and avoiding sudden mishaps. To sharpen the analytical capabilities interesting astrologers can have free access to learn astrology lessons at created by Astrologer V K Choudhry, Founder & Chairman,International Institute of Predictive Astrology, Fairfield, IA, USA.

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