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Avezzano is a municipality in the province of L'Aquila in the Italian region Abruzzo.




Buildings and monuments[edit]

Public Buildings[edit]

Orsini-Colonna castle[edit]

Orsini-Colonna castle was built in 1490; seriously damaged by the 1915 earthquake, was then restored in the 1990s. Is seat of various conferences and events

The Cathedral of St. Bartholomew[edit]

The St. Bartholomew's Cathedral was built in 1942; the original church was destroyed by the 1915 earthquake, rebuilt in another area of the new city

Church of Madonna di Pietraquaria[edit]

Madonna di Pietraquaria church was originally built in the XVII century, even if it has been restored several times. It is located on the top of mount Salviano

Church of Saint John the Baptist[edit]

The church of St. John the Baptist was built in the thirteenth century; almost completely destroyed by the 1915 earthquake, it was rebuilt around 1930

The other churches[edit]

In the city there are other churches built after the earthquake of 1915

Fountain in Piazza Torlonia[edit]

The fountain in Piazza Torlonia was built in 1899 by Anna Maria and Giulio Torlonia

Marsi stadium[edit]

Stadio dei Marsi is a sports venue used primarily for association football matches; it has a capacity of nearly 3 500 seats

Marsi theater[edit]

Place of theatrical and cultural performances. It has about 800 seats


Risorgimento square[edit]

The central city square

Torlonia square[edit]

Tree-lined square of the city

Villa Torlonia[edit]

Green area in the city center

Mount Salviano[edit]

Mount Salviano is a 1 000 metres high mountain located in the Comune of Avezzano. It hosts the church of Madonna di Pietraquaria, and is crossed by a road and by a footpath along which are located the Stations of the Cross (Via Crucis)

Tunnels of Claudio[edit]

Tunnels made by Emperor Claudius in the first century A.D. to drain the lake Fucino

Historical images[edit]


1915 Avezzano earthquake[edit]