Björn Gunnlaugsson

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English: Björn Gunnlaugsson (1788–1876) was an Icelandic cartographer who created the first complete map of Iceland.
Deutsch: Björn Gunnlaugsson (1788–1876) war ein isländischer Kartograph, der die erste vollständige Karte Islands anfertigte.



Gunnlaugsson 1844 title page.jpg
Gunnlaugsson 1844 Iceland NW.jpg Gunnlaugsson 1844 Iceland NE.jpg
Gunnlaugsson 1844 Iceland SW.jpg Gunnlaugsson 1844 Iceland SE.jpg

The files are also available in DJVU format:

Better reproductions generated from TIFF files (not DJVU) are available as JPEGs here: