Boydell's picturesque scenery of Norway

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Published by John Boydell in London, 1820, the two-volume book Boydell's picturesque scenery of Norway contains 80 drawings by John William Edy from his journey along the coast of Norway from the Naze to Svinesund during the summer of 1800. Each plate is supplied with Edy's remarks and observations, revised and corrected by William Tooke.

Plate no. Page no. English title Norwegian title Thumb
1 61 A view near Naze Prospect nær Lindesnæs A view near Naze (JW Edy, plate 01).jpg
2 65 Heliesund Harbour Heliesund Havn Heliesund Harbour (JW Edy, plate 02).jpg
3 69 Islands of Heliesund and Hellisöe Hellisöe öi og Heliesund Islands of Heliesund and Hellisöe (plate 03).jpg
4 73 View between the Islands of Hellisöe and Heliesund Prospect mellom Heliesunds öerne View between the Islands of Hellisöe and Heliesund (JW Edy plate 04).jpg
5 77 Rocks in Heliesund Heliesund klipperne Rocks in Heliesund (JW Edy plate 05).jpg
6 81 Romantic scene in Heliesund En vild romantisk scene i Heliesund Romantic scene in Heliesund (JW Edy plate 06).jpg
7 85 Heliesund, a Pass between the Rocks Et indløb mellom klipperne i Heliesund Heliesund, a Pass between the Rocks (JW Edy plate 07).jpg
8 89 Valley in Heliesund En dahl i Heliesund Valley in Heliesund (JW Edy plate 08).jpg
9 93 View of Crystal Rocks Prospect af Chrystal Klipperne View of Crystal Rocks (JW Edy plate 09).jpg
10 97 City of Christiansand Prospect av Christiansands By Kristiansand JW Edy.jpg
11 101 Torresdales River Udsigt ved Torresdals Elven Torresdales River (JW Edy plate 11).jpg
12 105 Saw Mills at Tved Sagmöllerne ved Tved Saw Mills at Tved (JW Edy plate 12).jpg
13 109 Vale of Landvig Landvigs Dal Vale of Landvig (JW Edy plate 13).jpg
14 113 Landvig Lake Landvigs Söen Landvig Lake (JW Edy plate 14).jpg
15 117 Sinly Lake Sinli Söen Sinly Lake (JW Edy plate 15).jpg
16 121 View on Sinly Udsigt ved Sinli Söen View on Sinly (JW Edy plate 16).jpg
17 127 Ror Vand, near Arendal Ror Vand ved Arendal Ror Vand, near Arendal (JW Edy plate 17).jpg
18 131 Arendal, with Töyöen Arendal med Töyöen Arendal, with Töyöen (JW Edy plate 18).jpg
19 143 Arendal from Tromöe Arendal fra Tromöen Arendal from Tromöe (JW Edy plate 19).jpg
20 147 View of the River Nid Nid Elven View of the River Nid (JW Edy plate 20).jpg
21 151 Rock near Lundy En klippe ved Lundby Rock near Lundy (JW Edy plate 21).jpg
22 155 Town of Oster Riisöer Byen Oster Riisöer Town of Oster Riisöer (JW Edy plate 22).jpg
23 161 View near Oster Riisöer Udsigt ved Öster Riisöer View near Oster Riisöer (JW Edy plate 23).jpg
24 165 Porter Porter Porter (JW Edy plate 24).jpg
25 169 View near Krageröe Udsigt ved Krageröe View near Krageröe (JW Edy plate 25).jpg
26 173 Town of Krageröe Byen Krageröe Town of Krageröe (JW Edy plate 26).jpg
27 177 Gomöe Isle Öen Gomöe Gomöe Isle (JW Edy plate 27).jpg
28 181 Rock near Krageröe En klippe ved Krageröe Rock near Krageröe (JW Edy plate 28).jpg
29 185 Waller Ferry Waller færgested Waller Ferry (JW Edy plate 29).jpg
30 189 Road near Waller En vei nær Waller Road near Waller (JW Edy plate 30).jpg
31 193 Brekke Brekke Brekke (JW Edy plate 31).jpg
32 197 Bamble Church Bamble Kirke Bamble Church (JW Edy plate 32).jpg
33 201 Town of Brevig Byen Brevig Town of Brevig (JW Edy plate 33).jpg
34 205 Brevig, from Skeen Firth Brevig fra Skeens fjorden Brevig, from Skeen Firth (JW Edy plate 34).jpg
35 209 Town of Porsground Porsgrunds bye Town of Porsground (JW Edy plate 35).jpg
36 213 Town of Skeen Skeens bye Town of Skeen (JW Edy plate 36).jpg
37 217 Distant View of Skeen Skeen, i en afstand Distant View of Skeen (JW Edy plate 37).jpg
38 221 Romantic Bridge, near Skeen En romantisk broe ved Skeen Romantic Bridge, near Skeen (JW Edy plate 38).jpg
39 225 A scene in Longsound Frith En scene ved Langesunds fjorden A scene in Longsound Frith (JW Edy plate 39).jpg
40 229 Ferry at Helgeraae Færgen ved Helgeraae Ferry at Helgeraae (JW Edy plate 40).jpg
41 235 Lake Lenongen Söen Lenongen Lake Lenongen (JW Edy plate 41).jpg
42 239 Lake Lenongen Söen Lenongen Lake Lenongen (JW Edy plate 42).jpg
43 243 Lake Tanum Söen Tanum Lake Tanum (JW Edy plate 43).jpg
44 247 Town of Laurvig Byen Laurvig Town of Laurvig (JW Edy plate 44).jpg
45 251 Town of Holmstrand Byen Holmestrand Town of Holmstrand (JW Edy plate 45).jpg
46 255 Dram Bay Drams fiord Dram Bay (JW Edy plate 46).jpg
47 259 Ulivold, the Seat of John Collett, Esq. Ulivold, afdöde hr. John Colletts boelig Ulivold, the Seat of John Collett, Esq. (JW Edy plate 47).jpg
48 265 View from Holman Prospect af Holmen View from Holman (JW Edy plate 48).jpg
49 269 City of Christiania Staden Christiania City of Christiania (JW Edy plate 49).jpg
50 273 Harbour of Christiania Christiania Havn Harbour of Christiania (JW Edy plate 50).jpg
51 277 Christiania great Church Hoved Kirken i Christiania Christiania great Church (JW Edy plate 51).jpg
52 281 Bridge, at Christiania Christiania Brygge Bridge, at Christiania (JW Edy plate 52).jpg
53 285 Castle of Aggerhus Aggerhus fæstning Castle of Aggerhus (JW Edy plate 53).jpg
54 289 View from Egeberg Prospect fra Egeberg View from Egeberg (JW Edy plate 54).jpg
55 293 View from Egeberg Prospect fra Egeberg View from Egeberg (JW Edy plate 55).jpg
56 297 Alum Mine at Egeberg Alunverket ved Egeberg Alum Mine at Egeberg (JW Edy plate 56).jpg
57 301 Haoe Fall Haoe Foss Haoe Fall (JW Edy plate 57).jpg
58 305 Town of Drobak Byen Drobak Town of Drobak (JW Edy plate 58).jpg
59 309 Soleberg Fall Soleberg Foss Soleberg Fall (JW Edy plate 59).jpg
60 313 Town of Aasgaarstrand Byen Aasgaarstrand Town of Aasgaarstrand (JW Edy plate 60).jpg
61 317 Larkoul Larkullen Larkullen.jpg
62 321 Larkoul and Slettery Larkullen og Sletteröe Larkoul and Slettery (JW Edy plate 62).jpg
63 325 Remarkable Stone in Larkoul Udmærkede Steen i Larkullen Remarkable Stone in Larkoul (JW Edy plate 63).jpg
64 329 Burial ground at Larkoul Begravelse plads paa Larkullen Burial ground at Larkoul (JW Edy plate 64).jpg
65 333 Fortifications at Larkoul Fæstningsværker paa Larkullen Fortifications at Larkoul (JW Edy plate 65).jpg
66 337 Town of Mos Byen Moss Town of Mos (JW Edy plate 66).jpg
67 341 Mos above the Bridge Moss ovenfor Bryggen Moss-above-bridge.jpg
68 345 Honourable B. Anker's House at Mos Höyvelbårne B. Anker Hüüs paa Moss Moss-Bernt-Ankers-house.jpg
69 349 Van soe, near Mos Vansöe nær ved Moss Van soe, near Mos (JW Edy plate 69).jpg
70 353 View near Dillengen Prospect nær ved Dillengen View near Dillengen (JW Edy plate 70).jpg
71 357 Dram Dramen Dram (JW Edy plate 71).jpg
72 361 City of Drontheim Staden Tronhjem City of Drontheim (JW Edy plate 72).jpg
73 365 Frederickshald Frederickshald Frederickshald (JW Edy plate 73).jpg
74 369 Leer Foss, near Drontheim Leer Foss ved Tronhjem Leer Foss, near Drontheim (JW Edy plate 74).jpg
75 373 Town of Christiansund Byen Christiansund Town of Christiansund (JW Edy plate 75).jpg
76 377 City of Bergen Staden Bergen City of Bergen (JW Edy plate 76).jpg
77 381 Bergen, North Bergen, nord Bergen, North (JW Edy plate 77).jpg
78 385 Town of Molde Byen Molde Town of Molde (JW Edy plate 78).jpg
79 389 Svinesund Ferry, Norwegian side Svinesunds færge, Norske Siden Svinesund Ferry, Norwegian side (JW Edy plate 79).jpg
80 393 Svinesund Ferry, Swedish side Svinesunds færge, Svenske Siden Svinesund Ferry, Swedish side (JW Edy plate 80).jpg