Brancacci Chapel

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Frescos in the Brancacci Chapel in the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine in Florence


1 Masolino Temptation of Adam and Eve[edit]

2 Masaccio Expulsion from the Garden of Eden[edit]

3 Masaccio The Tribute Money[edit]

4 Masolino St. Peter Preaching[edit]

5 Masaccio Baptism of the Neophytes[edit]

6 Masolino Healing of the Cripple and Raising of Tabitha[edit]

7 Masaccio The Distribution of Alms and Death of Ananias[edit]

8 Masaccio St. Peter Healing the Sick with His Shadow[edit]

Filippino Lippi St. Paul Visiting St. Peter in Prison[edit]

10 Masaccio and Filippino Lippi Raising of the Son of Teophilus and St. Peter Enthroned[edit]

11 Filippino Lippi St. Peter Being Freed from Prison[edit]

12 Filippino Lippi Disputation with Simon Magus and Crucifixion of St. Peter[edit]