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English: The Brooklands Museum is covers 10% (30 acres) of the original Brooklands site, a historic location for both motor sport and aviation. It includes some of the surviving sections of the track, as well as various buildings and exhibits relating to the motor circuit, plus several surviving buildings and exhibits relating to the aviation uses. Since 2011, the museum has also been the location of the London Bus Museum, who lease a part of the site, sharing a common entrance and ticketing.




Brooklands Memorial[edit]

See Brooklands Memorial

Motorsport buildings[edit]

Brooklands Automobile Racing Club (BARC) buildings[edit]


Members' Hill restaurant[edit]

Motor circuit buildings[edit]

Paddock buildings[edit]

Racing Lock-Ups[edit]

Petrol pagodas[edit]

Several companies operated refueling stations at the motor circuit, and three of these 'pagodas' have survived and been restored to period early 1920s condition:


Motorsport vehicle exhibits[edit]

See Category:Automobiles at Brooklands Museum

Other motorsport features[edit]

Surviving track sections[edit]

See Brooklands Motor Circuit surviving sections

Test Hill[edit]

See Brooklands Test Hill

Aviation buildings[edit]

First Flight Ticket Office[edit]

The First Flight Ticket Office is a hut built in 1911 on the aerodrome to sell tickets for flights around the aerodrome, believed to be the world's first example of one. It has since been relocated to inside the museum grounds, and now stands 51°21′18″N 0°27′57″W / 51.354949°N 0.465835°W / 51.354949; -0.465835 near the Brooklands Memorial, facing south onto the road that comes into the museum across the River Wey bridge from Brooklands Drive.

Main hangar[edit]

Wellington Hangar[edit]

World War II defences[edit]

As an important aircraft manufacturing facility, various defences were added during World War II. Some of these survive inside the museum site, including a hexagonal pillbox 51°21′20″N 0°27′53″W / 51.355502°N 0.464859°W / 51.355502; -0.464859 in the paddock, a Bofors gun platform 51°21′20″N 0°27′42″W / 51.355542°N 0.461715°W / 51.355542; -0.461715 built at the top of Members Hill, and three huts (used as ammunition stores for the gun) built inside the Members' Banking section of track, 51°21′23″N 0°27′44″W / 51.356279°N 0.462161°W / 51.356279; -0.462161 (east), 51°21′22″N 0°27′43″W / 51.356162°N 0.461892°W / 51.356162; -0.461892 (middle), 51°21′22″N 0°27′42″W / 51.356032°N 0.461673°W / 51.356032; -0.461673 (west), which is at the bottom of the hill.

Aviation exhibits[edit]

Outside aircraft[edit]

Concordes G-BBDG/G-CONC[edit]

See G-BBDG (aircraft) and G-CONC (gate guardian)




Plane park[edit]

A close grouping in the north west corner of the museum site, all arranged facing SW. From north to south:

General views[edit]
G-ASIX A40-AB[edit]

Outside aircraft parts[edit]


Lancaster Bomber[edit]




Hangared aircraft[edit]

F5475 (Wellington Hangar)[edit]

  • 1918 Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a reproduction *F5475 [BAPC 250]

NX71MY (Wellington Hangar)[edit]

  • 1994 Vickers Vimy reproduction NX71MY


Aviation vehicle exhibits[edit]


E95 LDD[edit]

  • 1993 Gloster SARO Meteor

LDF 681P[edit]

  • 1976 Range-Rover Commando

SHX 352R[edit]

  • 1975 Chubb Spearhead

E76 HLP[edit]

  • 1988 Land Rover 110 Carmichael

F860 RAS[edit]

  • 1989 Ford Transit


JOR 787L[edit]

  • 1973 Land Rover Srs 3 109

Airline buses[edit]

LYF 307D[edit]

  • British Overseas Airways Corporation 1966 Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 Metro-Cammell CH54F

MFB 724[edit]

  • British Overseas Airways Corporation 1960 Bedford CA (crew bus)

Airline vans[edit]

UDD 815[edit]

  • Dan-Air London 1958 Morris Minor 1000 Pick-up

YYC 708H[edit]

  • British Caledonian Airways 1970 Morris Minor 1000 Van

XPK 677T[edit]

  • British European Airways 1979 Bedford HA Van

Salvage vehicles[edit]

XGP 389W[edit]

  • 1954 AEC Militant Mk1


London Bus Museum[edit]

See London Bus Museum

Routemaster bus RML2504 (JJD 504D)[edit]

  • While it is neither an aviation related bus or part of the London Bus Museum collection, the Brooklands Museum has nonetheless also been the home of ex-London Transport 1966 Routemaster bus RML2504 (reg. JJD 504D) since its withdrawal in September 2004, having been purchased by a museum volunteer in February 2005.