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Српски / srpski: Ћурлик


  • Silvana Djokić "2.1. Etymologies slovia frula" in Frula a dvojnice v kontextu srbské hudební tradice, (Bachelor thesis, in Czech),, Masaryk University
    English: Silvana Djokić , "2.1. The etymology of the word frula" in Frula and dvojnice in the context of Serbian musical tradition (Bachelor thesis), Masaryk University; From the outset it must be said that the word frula that we use today to describe the national wind instrument, is more recent. ... It comes from the Turkish-Georgian word "düdük" or "düdüki". ... Older names for frulu are svirala, svirajka, sviralče (Serbia), or sviraja (Montenegro) and ćurlik (Bosnia and Herzegovina). This name is connected with the verb "svirati", which means playing in Serbian. The current Serbian ethnomusicology uses both old and new terminology. ...

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