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The actual Greek Art permanent exhibition of the Altes Museum Berlin is structured as follows:
(1) Age of Heroes - Early Greece; (2) Places of the Gods - Sanctuaries in Archaic Greece; (3) Memory and Representation - Funerary Monuments in Archaic Greece; (4) The Ancient Coin - Work of Art, Money and Historical Testimony; (5) Gods and Heroes - Images form Greek Mythology; (6) Masterpieces - The Human Image in the Greek Classical Period; (7) Life and Death in Classical Athens - Everyday Life in Ancient Metropolis; (8) Ancient Jewellery - Treasures from four Millenia; (9) The Greek Theatre - Cult and Entertainment; (10) The Western Greeks - Southern Italy and Silicy; (11) Alexander and the Outcome - The Age of Hellenism; (12) 350 Years of the Collection of Classical Antiquities