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Full-text scans of Jacob ben Asher's Arba'ah Turim (and any other related material). Most of the editions also contain Joseph Karo's Beit Yosef and other classic commentaries surrounding the main text.

Types of editions[edit]

In early editions, the Tur is printed as running text in one or more volumes. The entire Arba'ah Turim is usually compact enough to be uploaded in a single file.

Beginning in the mid-16th century, the text is surrounded by Joseph Karo's magnus opus, namely his commentary Beit Yosef on the Tur. Each of the four Turim with Beit Yosef was usually printed as a single volume.

  • First edition Venice and Sabbionetta, 1550-1559.
  • Second edition Venice, 1564-1567.

In later centuries, while pride of place is reserved for the Tur (center text) and the Beit Yosef (around the Tur on the inner half of the folio), the text is surrounded by multiple commentaries. This caused the Tur to be published in more than four massive volumes, and single volumes sometimes need to be divided into more than one file.

  • Warsaw, 1861 edition (7 volumes)

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