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In geometry an Archimedean solid or semi-regular solid is a semi-regular convex polyhedron composed of two or more types of regular polygon meeting in identical vertices.

(Their duals are the Catalan solids.)

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Polyhedron truncated 4a max.png
Truncated tetrahedron
Polyhedron truncated 6 max.png
Truncated cube
Polyhedron truncated 8 max.png
Truncated octahedron
Polyhedron truncated 12 max.png
Truncated dodecahedron
Polyhedron truncated 20 max.png
Truncated icosahedron
Polyhedron 6-8 max.png
Polyhedron 12-20 max.png
Polyhedron small rhombi 6-8 max.png
Polyhedron great rhombi 6-8 max.png
Truncated cuboctahedron
Polyhedron small rhombi 12-20 max.png
Polyhedron great rhombi 12-20 max.png
Truncated icosidodecahedron
Polyhedron snub 6-8 left max.pngPolyhedron snub 6-8 right max.png
Snub cubes (left and right)
Polyhedron snub 12-20 left max.pngPolyhedron snub 6-8 right max.png
Snub dodecahedra (left and right)


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