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English: The Asturias was built as a passenger ship for British Royal Mail Lines by Harland & Wolff in Belfast. During WWII the ship was claimed by the British Navy and made into a troop ship. In 1943 the Asturias was hit by an Italian torpedo and moved to Freetown (Sierra Leone). In 1945 the Asturias was bought by the Britsh navy, and moved to Belfast, where it was made into a passenger & transport ship. It regularly went to Australia. In 1949, 1950 and 1951 the Dutch government used the ship (then under the name Atlantis) to transport Dutch/Indonesian military and their families to the Netherlands. In 1953 the ship was used to move British troops from Korea, and after that featured in the film 'A night to remember'. The ship was scrapped in Faslane (Scotland) in 1957.