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Batch Year Configuration Type Numbering Description
1st 2000 DT-M-MD+MD-M-DT DT A01-A56 56 EMU-3 "half-trains" operating as 28 EMU-6 trains. Made by Alsthom-Siemens-ADtranz. MD railcars have an auxiliary driving facility used only for shunting.
M B01-B56
MD C01-C56
2003-2004 DM-T-M+M-T-DM DM D201-D228 28 EMU-3 "half-trains" operating as 14 EMU-6 trains. Made by Hanwa-Rotem-Mitsubishi.
T T201-T228
M M201-M228
2003-2004 DM-T-M+M-T-DM DM D251-D264 14 EMU-3 "half-trains" operating as 7 EMU-6 trains. Made by Hanwa-Rotem-Mitsubishi, can also operate on 25 kV AC, 50 Hz lines.
T T251-T264
M M251-M264

Railcar codes: DM: driving motor car, DT: driving trailer, M: motor car, T: trailer, MD: motor car with auxiliary driving facility.


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