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These users are able to make audio files, such as record wikipedia article into .ogg files, improve the sound of an audio file, etc. You can list yourself in a suitable category by graphics ability by either adding the appropriate category to your user page, or by using one of the below templates, either individually, or as part of the {{babel}} template, which groups them, such as: {{babel|AF-2|BG-1}}.

Notice Please use the {{babel}} template:
{{babel|AF-2|BG-1}} ✓ OK

and do not use the babel extension:

{{#babel|AF-2|BG-1}} X mark.svg Not OK

The babel extension does not distinguish between upper case (majuscule) and lower case (miniscule), and the extension will interpret it as af-2 (Afrikaans, Level 2) and bg-1 (Bulgarian, Level 1). The pages will be placed into this Audio file editors category and Category:Bitmap graphics editors, but the Afrikaans Template:User af-2 and the Bulgarian Template:User bg-1 will be placed onto your user page. See also this discussion.

  • {{User AF-0}}: interested in audio file formats. Looking for software, protocols, files, etc.
  • {{User AF-1}}: basic audio file skills, e.g., extract audio from any media container format
  • {{User AF-2}}: complex audio skills, despises lossy conversions, considers FLAC as LAME
  • {{User AF-3}}: HydrogenAudio regular, audio codec developer, OPUS WG contributor


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