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<nowiki>árbol-B; B-樹; B-fa; arbre-B; B-Baum; B-alber; Б-стабло; B树; B樹; B-träd; עץ B; Arbor B; B樹; B 트리; B-arbo; B-strom; B-albero; arbre B; B-stablo; B-stablo; B-puu; árvore B; B木; B-koks; B-дерево; B-medis; Б-стабло; Б-дерево; B-cây; درخت بی; ต้นไม้แบบบี; B-drzewo; ബി-ട്രീ; B-ağac; B-stablo; B-tre; ಬಿ-ಟ್ರೀ; B-tree; B-tree; بي - تري; B树; B-樹; albero di ricerca bilanciato; structure de données; Daten- und Indexstruktur in der Informatik; a self-balancing, tree-based data structure, that allows read/write access in logarithmic time; drzewiasta struktura danych; datenstrukturo; 可允許對數時間寫入之自平衡樹狀資料結構; B-tree; B-alberi; B Arbre; B-tree; Barbre; B-Arbre; arbres B; arbre balancé; B-stabla; Б-деревья; B-деревья; Б-дерево; B-tree; Bayer-Baum; Bayerbaum; BBaum; B-Tree; Btree; B-tree; árvores b; درختِ بی; Б стабло; B-tree; B木構造; B-tree; B drzewo; B-дерево; Б-дерева; B-дерева; B-트리; B tree; balanced multiway tree; B medis; B-tree; B strom; B tree; B-Arbol; B-tree; B Árbol; B arbol; arbol B; árbol b; árbol B mas; arbol-b; arbol B más; árbol B más; arbol B mas</nowiki>
a self-balancing, tree-based data structure, that allows read/write access in logarithmic time
3-5 B-tree example
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  • Rudolf Bayer
  • Edward M. McCreight
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  • 1972
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English: A B+ tree in computer science is a type of tree which represents sorted data in a way that allows for efficient insertion, retrieval and removal of records, each of which is identified by a key.


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