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English: A four-wheeled carriage with a half-head behind which can be raised or let down at pleasure, having a seat in front for the driver, and seats inside for two couples to sit facing each other. (source-Oxford English Dictionary)

Etymology: < dialect German barutsche (also birutsche), < Spanish barrocho or Italian baroccio, properly biroccio ‘chariot,’ originally ‘two-wheeled car,’ < Latin birotus ‘two-wheeled,’ perhaps assimilated in its ending to carroccio ‘chariot’ (Diez).
The English barouche assumes, in spelling and pronunciation, a French form, but no such word exists in French (except as taken from English). (source-Oxford English Dictionary)

Barouche coat. 1809. A ¾-length close-fitting outdoor coat, with round bosom and full sleeves; fastened down the front with barrel-snaps and a buckled girdle round the waist. (source-Oxford English Dictionary)
Français : Calèches
High perch sociable barouche carriage, 1816.jpg
four wheeled open carriage with retractable cover, two benches for four passengers and seperate driver seat. Primarily for personal transport in summer. 19th century British development from French Calèche
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Subclass ofvis-à-vis,
horse-drawn vehicle,
wheeled vehicle
Has part
Maximum capacity
  • 6
Said to be the same as
  • calèche
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