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English: A four-wheeled carriage with a half-head behind which can be raised or let down at pleasure, having a seat in front for the driver, and seats inside for two couples to sit facing each other. (source-Oxford English Dictionary)

Etymology: < dialect German barutsche (also birutsche), < Spanish barrocho or Italian baroccio, properly biroccio ‘chariot,’ originally ‘two-wheeled car,’ < Latin birotus ‘two-wheeled,’ perhaps assimilated in its ending to carroccio ‘chariot’ (Diez).
The English barouche assumes, in spelling and pronunciation, a French form, but no such word exists in French (except as taken from English). (source-Oxford English Dictionary)

Barouche coat. 1809. A ¾-length close-fitting outdoor coat, with round bosom and full sleeves; fastened down the front with barrel-snaps and a buckled girdle round the waist. (source-Oxford English Dictionary)
Français : Calèches


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