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Čeština: Cimbuří
English: Battlements are parapets at the top of a wall, especially of a fort or castle, that have regularly spaced squared openings for shooting through
Français : Créneaux
Italiano: Merlature
<nowiki>crestería; cresteria; krenelierte Brustwehr; крэнеляж; کنگره; 垛口; Krenellering; Mazgal; 胸壁; Cimburie; Merlet; Battlement; cimbuří; saettiera; créneau; ameia; krenelo; Prsobran; Kranell; Ameia; battlement; เชิงเทิน; blanki; krenelering; battlement; Кренеляж; градобран; forbhalla; krenelering; Almea; زينة الشرفة; παραπέτο; שינות; elemento arquitectónico; Bestandteil militärischer Verteidigungsanlagen; part of defensive architecture; element architektoniczny wieńczący mury obronne i baszty tzw. zębami; אלמנט אדריכלי; ouverture pratiquée au sommet d'un rempart.; cresteria; krenelaż; crenel; crenellation</nowiki>
part of defensive architecture
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