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English: NV Billiton Maatschappij ("Billiton Company") was a private mining company established in 1850. It operated until 1958 when it was nationalized by the Indonesian government. Billiton Maatschappij operated tin mines in the Indonesian island of Belitung ("Billiton" in Dutch and in English), under concession of the Netherlands government. The first forty-year lease expired in 1892, and the state in the new concession increased its share of profits. Following economic difficulties in 1923/24 the state toke a five-eighths share in the company. Peaked in the early 1920s Belitung employed over twenty thousand mineworkers, many of them recruited in China. From 1875 to 1891, Belitung's production climbed to match or even surpass that of the state owned mines in Bangka, the center of tin-mining in Indonesia. The Billiton Company returned to Indonesia in 1968 with an offshore tin concession in Pulau Tujuh which has since been liquidated. Bought out by Shell in 1970, the successor to the Company is now Billiton International Metals BV (BHP Billiton).
  • Mary F. Somers Heidhues: Company Island: A Note on the History of Belitung. Indonesia, Vol. 51, (Apr., 1991), pp. 1-20

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