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Contents notes
The definitions in periodicity between Early Modern and Modern periods vary from Epoch dates 1750-1820, so maps in that range can be co-categorized in both categories.
The end of the middle ages and beginning of the Early Modern period is also subjective and blurred, most epoch dates being about the time of the Protestant reformation, hence a range gate of the span 1490-1530 should limit any overlaps to both the Late Middle Ages or Early Modern periods.

English: This category is intended for historiographic maps of former territories or nations intersected with periodization in subcategories of Category:Middle Ages.

Geopolitical entities of earlier eras such as Kingdom of Italy (medieval) (Medieval Lombardy considerably exceeds the boundaries of todays Lombardy (see: Category:Lombardy) or Lothlaringia are the intended content of this schema.

Modern territories (under whatever name) have had ample development thus far in Wikimedia Foundation projects, but articles covering predecessor geopolitical regions, states and such need maps too, to distinguish them properly from their modern namesakes.
English: Ideal maps contents here will show:
  1. current larger subnational entity boundaries
    1. and current international boundaries,
  2. with sufficient room to annotate current nation-states names,
  3. as well as positioning the historic region centered on the map.
  4. The borders of the subject former territory should be clear and distinct.
  5. Maps showing major water bodies and water-boundaries, especially rivers and other relief features are highly encouraged. Riverine paths tell much of the lay of the land, ridges, and lower elevations even when no other relief feature is present.

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