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Catalogue as many torsos and bodies as possible from as many willing people as possible. Get their permissions (repository held offline by various photographers who contribute to the project) to take photographs and publish them here (Wikimedia Commons) for use as models to illustrate various medical conditions (if any) and to show the range of body types and morphologies for phenotypically male (i.e. male-shaped) humans. It is understood by the models and stated in the release form that the photos uploaded to the commons can be used for any purpose.

The idea is to level the playing field. Currently most standardized illustrations are collected and published for specific medical/scientific reasons. Unless we watch others carefully, we may miss that aspects of our normal physiology that we are ashamed of or told to be ashamed of are actually pretty normal. We just don't know the possibilities until we have pictures of bodies we can use to compare and contrast.

Project Resources[edit]

Project page and methodology: User:MalcolmGin/BodyMorphologyProject

Project photo set/metadata index: Body morphology project

Metadata template for uploads: {{Details-bodymorphproj}}
Sample model release: User:MalcolmGin/Body_morphology_model_release_sample

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