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Note: In AGP System included in family Malvaceae

Cronquist System: DomainEukaryota • RegnumPlantae • DivisioMagnoliophyta • ClassisMagnoliopsida • SubclassisDilleniidae • OrdoMalvales • Familia: Bombacaceae Kunth (1822)
Included genera (for undetermined source):
Adansonia, Aguiaria, Bernoullia, Bombacopsis, Bombax, Catostemma, Cavanillesia, Ceiba, Chorisia, Coelostegia, Cullenia, Durio, Eriotheca, Gyranthera, Huberodendron, Kostermansia, Matisia, Neesia, Neobuchia, Ochroma, Pachira, Patinoa, Phragmotheca, Pseudobombax, Quararibea, Rhodognaphalon, Rhodagnaphalopsis, Scleronema, Septotheca, Spirotheca

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