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The Carpathian Ethnography Project is a collaboration between the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, Wikimedia Polska, and other institutions in Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine and Wikimedia volunteers interested in ethnography of the Carpathians. The project aims to improve the coverage of Carpathian ethnography on English-language Wikeipedia and Wikipedias in Polish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian and Ukrainian. Participants also travel to selected locations within the 5 Carpathian countries, visit local artists and museums and upload resulting media to Wikimedia Commons. The project will be in progress till late 2017.

The teams were composed of 2-4 employees of National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, 1-2 Wikimedians of Poland, 1-2 local Wikimedians of country that expedition visited, and sometimes assisted also by 1 volunteer/student of ethnography from Poland.

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