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Afrikaans: Koor
Čeština: Kněžiště
Dansk: Kor (kirkedel)
Deutsch: Chor (Bauteil, insbesondere von Kirchen)
English: Choir or Quire: According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, the word "choir" in an architectural context means the part of a church "between the altar and the nave", used by the church choir.
Español: Coro
Esperanto: Korusejo
Føroyskt: Kór
Français : Chœur
Italiano: Coro
Nederlands: Priesterkoor
Norsk bokmål: Kor
Polski: Prezbiterium
Português: Coro
Русский: Катавасия
Suomi: Kuori
Svenska: Kor

For choirs in the musical sense, please see Category: Choirs.


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