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The Citadel of Alessandria is one of the most magnificent and best preserved European monuments within the permanent fortifications of the eighteenth century and one of the few still existing. It is the only European fortress still inserted in its original environment: there isn't a screen of homes that closes the view of the ramparts, or a heavy traffic road that surrounds the ditches.

For the first time in the history of Italy on March 10 1821, the tricolore was raised on the bastions of the citadel by Colonel Ansaldi, during the Piedmont insurrection[1][2]. Since 2006, the Citadel (formerly National Monument) is included in the "Tentative List" for the application to the World Heritage UNESCO.


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  2. The tricolore was not the classic white-red-green of the Italian flag, but the one with the colors of the Carbonari, blue, red and black