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These categories include clocks and watches sorted by the time they display.

  • The time should be visible at least when zooming in on the clock face. For analogue clocks, it may be necessary to know the clock face before.
  • Subcategories are made in one minute intervals from 00:00 to 11:59. It's not necessary to create each of them manually. They are made once in a while in a series, when they show up red on Special:Categories/Time.
  • Seconds are ignored when categorizing. They belong in Clocks by time (second) instead.
  • For 24h hour clocks (e.g. digital clocks or analogue clocks turning once a day) additional subcategories are made when needed (from 12:00 to 23:59).
The camera time added to a photo's exif metadata can match the time of the clock in the image, but generally it's different. Either clock may be a few minutes off from the time when the picture was taken. The clocks may not even be in the same timezone or UTC based. Besides, most clocks in these categories are 12 hour clocks and exif is on a 24 hours basis.
  • There is a template to generate descriptions for subcategories.
  • Images of broken clocks can be included as long as they still display a specific time. Animated gifs showing changing times shouldn't be included. They can be added to Category:Animated clock images.
  • Images with several clocks showing different times can be added to multiple categories.
  • Sets of images with the same clock at different times should be categorized in a subcategory of its own rather than here, e.g. sample 1.
  • Clocks that display no time can be found in Category:Clocks with undefined time
  • For clocks show hours rather than minutes, there is Category:Time between 11:00 and 12:00 (see discussion on talk)
  • Clocks that still need to be categorized are in Category:Time TBD
  • To find more images, CatScan can be used on related category. Samples:

While every effort is made for this to be accurate, some images may be one or two minutes off. Please correct them when found.

See Time on clocks and watches, for a gallery of these images. {{User:Docu/clock}} displays the current time.


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