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These are codices
English: A codex ( Latin caudex for "trunk of a tree" or block of wood, book; plural codices) is a book in the format used for modern books, with multiple quires or gatherings (sheets of paper or vellum in multiples of two which are folded and stitched through) typically bound together and given a cover.
book with handwritten content
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códice (es); Kódex (hu); Kodex (eu); Кодекс (ru); Kodex (de); Кодэкс (be); کوډېکس (ps); 抄本 (zh); Kodeks (fy); Kodeks (tr); コデックス (ja); codex (sv); קודקס (he); Codex (la); 코덱스 (ko); Kodekso (eo); kodex (cs); codice (it); codex (fr); Kodèks (jv); Kodeks (hr); Kodeks (sh); Κώδικας (el); kodeks (da); Códice (gl); códice (pt); Zákonník (sk); Kodekss (lv); Kodeks (af); Kodeksas (lt); Kodeks (sl); Codex (ro); Koodeksi (fi); Рукописна книга (uk); Kodeks (id); kodeks (pl); kodeks (nb); codex (nl); دفترنامه (fa); кодекс (sr); ڪوڊيڪس (sd); còdex (ca); codex (en); سفر (ar); kodeks (br); кодекс (mk) libro compuesto de páginas manuscritas (es); kézzel írott középkori könyv (hu); llibre compost de pàgines manuscrites (ca); Manuskript in Buchform (de); cahier formé de pages manuscrites reliées ensemble (fr); book with handwritten content (en); rukopis ve formě knihy (cs); dornskrid (br); håndskreven bog (da) codex, testimone (it); Codex, Kodeks (jv); Kodize (eu); Codex (ca); Kodizes, Codex, Codices, Codizes (de); Codex, Códex (pt); Codex (ps); 古抄本 (zh); codex, kodex (da); Codice (ro); 冊子本, コーデックス (ja); Poriadok (sk); Codex (pl); מצחף (he); Kodeksi (sh); kodex (sv); Codex (fi); codex (nb); كودكس (ar); codex (br); Codice, Códex, Codex, Códices, Codices precolombinos, Codices, Códices precolombinos (es)

Some manuscripts have "codex" in their name, but they should be categorized with others in the Category:Manuscripts tree. By convention, Mesoamerican manuscripts are mostly called "Codex", even when they are not actually in codex form.


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