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English: The Council of Florence is the seventeenth ecumenical council recognized by the Catholic Church, held between 1431 and 1449. It was convoked as the Council of Basel by Pope Martin V shortly before his death in February 1431 and took place in the context of the Hussite wars in Bohemia and the rise of the Ottoman Empire. At stake was the greater conflict between the Conciliar movement and the principle of papal supremacy. The Council entered a second phase after Emperor Sigismund's death in 1437. Pope Eugene IV convoked a rival Council of Ferrara on 8 January 1438 and succeeded in drawing some of the Byzantine ambassadors who were in attendance at Basel to Italy. The remaining members of the Council of Basel first suspended him, declared him a heretic, and then in November 1439 elected the antipope Felix V. The rival Council of Florence (moved to avoid the plague in Ferrara) concluded in 1445 after negotiating unions with the various eastern churches. This bridging of the Great Schism proved fleeting, but was a political coup for the papacy. In 1447, Sigismund's successor Frederick III commanded the city of Basel to expel the Council of Basel; the rump council reconvened in Lausanne before dissolving itself in 1449.

<nowiki>Concilio de Basilea-Ferrara-Florencia; bázel–ferrara–firenzei zsinat; Basileako Kontzilioa; Conceyu de Basilea; Majlis Firenze; Konzil von Basel/Ferrara/Florenz; Cyngor Fflorens; Ферара-Фларэнтыйскі сабор; Ֆերրարո Ֆլորենցիայի տաճար; Фераро-флорентински събор; 17. økumeniske koncil; Conciliul de la Basel; フィレンツェ公会議; Konciliet i Florens; Флорентійський собор; Concilium Basiliense; 弗羅倫斯公會議; 弗罗伦斯公会议; Konzil von Basel/Ferrara/Florenz; Firenzen kirkolliskokous; Basel Konsili; Koncilio de Florenco; Basilejsko-ferrarsko-florentský koncil; Фирентинска унија; Concilio di Basilea, Ferrara e Firenze; Konzil von Ferrara/Florenz; concile de Bâle-Ferrare-Florence-Rome; Council of Florence; Sabor u Baselu-Ferrari-Firenci; Ферраро-Флорентийский собор; Concílio de Basileia-Ferrara-Florença; Флярэнтыйскі сабор; ფერარა-ფლორენციის საეკლესიო კრება; Concilie van Bazel; Concili de Basilea, Ferrara i Florència; Firentinska unija; Mtaguso wa Firenze; Công đồng Florence; 佛羅倫斯大公會議; Фирентинска унија; koncil v Firencah; Council of Florence; Concílio de Basileia-Ferrara-Florença; Council of Florence; Konsili Florence; Sobór florencki; Konsilet i Firenze; Firentinski koncil; הקונציל של פירנצה; 피렌체 공의회; Bazilejsko-ferrarsko-florentský koncil; مجمع فلورنسا; Concilio de Basilea-Ferrara-Florencia-Roma; مجمع فلورنسا; Σύνοδος Φλωρεντίας; Фирентински совет; concilio ecumenico della Chiesa cattolica, tenutosi a Basilea, Ferrara e Firenze dal 1431 al 1445; concile œcuménique de l'Église catholique tenu à Bâle, Ferrare, Florence et Rome de 1431 à 1441; 17-ы сусьветны сабор; собор христианских церквей (1438—1445); 17. Konzil der römisch-katholischen Kirche; XVII concilio ecuménico de la Iglesia católica (1431-1445); Ecumenical Council of the Catholic Church (1431–1445); la 17a romkatolika koncilio; Παπική συνεδρίαση; ekumenski koncil Rimskokatoliške cerkve (1431–1445); Concilio di Ferrara-Firenze; Concilio di Ferrara; Concilio di Ferrara e Firenze; Concilio di Firenze; I concilio di Basilea; Concilio di Basilea; Concile de Ferrare; Concile de Florence; Concile de Bâle-Ferrare-Florence; Concile de Bale; Concile de Bâle; Базэльска-Фэрарска-Флярэнтыйскі сабор; Фэрарска-Флярэнтыйскі сабор; Concili de Basilea; Concili de Ferrara; Concili de Florència; Konzil von Basel-Ferrara-Florenz; Konzil von Ferrara; Konzil von Florenz; Concílio de Ferrara-Florença; Concílio de Basiléia; Concílio de Florência; Concílio de florença; Concílio de Basileia-Ferrara; Concílio de basileia; Concílio de Ferrara; Фераро-Флорентинската уния; Фераро-Флорентинска уния; Флорентинска унија; Conciliul de la Florența; Conciliul de la Ferarra-Florenţa; Conciliul de la Florenţa; Conciliul de la Ferarra-Florența; バーゼル・フェラーラ・フィレンツェ公会議; フェラーラ・フィレンツ公会議; Baselkonsiliet; Ferrara-Florens-konsiliet; Ferrara-Florenskonsiliet; Kyrkomötet i Basel; Konciliet i Basel; Konciliet i Ferrara-Florens; Baselkonciliet; Konciliet i Ferrara; Ferrara-Florenskonciliet; Mtaguso wa Ferrara; Mtaguso wa Florence; Mtaguso wa Basel; Флорентійська унія; Ферраро-Флорентійський собор; Concilie van Basel; Собор во Флоренции; Флорентийская уния; Флорентийский собор; koncil v Baslu, Ferrari in Firencah; Concilio de Florencia; Concilio de Ferrara; Concilio de Basilea; Concilio de Ferrara-Florencia; Baselin kirkolliskokous; Firenzen konsiili; Seitsemästoista ekumeeninen kirkolliskokous; Council of Ferrara-Florence; Council of Ferrara; Concilium Florentinum; Concilium Basilense; Bazilejsko-ferrarsko-florentský koncil; Basilejský koncil; Koncil bazilejsko-ferrarsko-florentsko-římský; Koncil bazilejsko-ferrarsko-florentský; Ferrara-Firenze-koncilet</nowiki>
Council of Florence 
Ecumenical Council of the Catholic Church (1431–1445)
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Instance of
  • Catholic ecumenical council
Start time
  • 1431
End time
  • 1449
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