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Electrical symbols library

These vector schematics were created using the File:Electrical symbols library.svg.

Some tips for drawing images:

  • All components are snapped to 2 mm grid (as possible). Turn on "node snapping" to create nice and precise schematics in SVG.
  • The lines are 1 mm thick. The text is 20-sized "free sans" or something such.
  • Feel free to edit the source image and to replace with a new version.
  • Inkscape is probably the best tool.
    • In GNOME, you can drag this file into an Inkscape drawing window and it will import the entire thing. Then you can copy and paste the components you need, and then delete the rest when you're done. However, to turn on snapping in the image by default, it can be useful to make copy of this image, edit it and erase the rest.


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