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English: Buses in the UK which are protoypes, demonstrators, or 'first in class'. These buses are often retained into preseveration for their uniquenes. Examples can include, but are not limited to:
  • Prototype vehicles which do not enter production, and may or may not see normal service
  • New models of buses displayed at trade shows or other events
  • Demonstrator vehicles - production vehicles designed to bring sales orders by being loaned, sold, or otherwise shown to operators to trial or evaluate in a working environment. These can either be wearing blank, manufacturer or operator liveries, or even be operated by one operator in the livery of another operator)
  • 'First in class' - the first bus in the numerical series of a manufacture, or in the case of large fleets, the first in the fleet
  • Ex-demonstrator vehicles. Buses which were used as demonstrators, but were then sold for normal use by an operator


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