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Dmitry Medvedev 
Dmitry Medvedev govru official photo 2.jpg
Russian Prime Minister and former president
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Date of birth14 September 1965
Saint Petersburg
Country of citizenship
Educated at
  • Faculty of Law, Saint Petersburg State University (1982, 1987)
Member of political party
Position held
  • Prime Minister of Russia (8 May 2012 – )
  • president of Russia (7 May 2008 – 7 May 2012)
  • Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation
  • First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation (12 May 2008 – )
Field of work
Native language
Award received
Official website
Authority control
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Afrikaans: Dmitri Medwedef
Azərbaycanca: Dmitri Medvedyev
Bahasa Indonesia: Dmitry Medvedev
Bahasa Melayu: Dmitry Medvedev
Basa Jawa: Dmitry Medvedev
Bikol Central: Dmitry Medvedev
Dolnoserbski: Dmitrij Mjedwjedjew
Dorerin Naoero: Dmitry Medvedev
Esperanto: Dmitrij Medvedev
Føroyskt: Dmitry Medvedev
Français: Dmitri Medvedev
Gàidhlig: Dmitry Medvedev
Hornjoserbsce: Dmitrij Mjedwjedjew
Interlingue: Dmitri Medvedev
Malagasy: Dmitri Medvedev
Nāhuatl: Dmitri Medvedev
Nederlands: Dmitri Medvedev
Norsk bokmål: Dmitrij Medvedev
Norsk nynorsk: Dmitrij Medvedev
Oʻzbekcha/ўзбекча: Dmitriy Medvedev
Português: Dmitri Medvedev
Ripoarisch: Dmitri Medwedew
Română: Dmitri Medvedev
Runa Simi: Dmitri Medvédev
Sicilianu: Dimitri Medvedev
Slovenščina: Dimitrij Medvedjev
Türkçe: Dmitri Medvedev
Türkmençe: Dmitriý Medwedew
Vepsän kel’: Medvedev Dmitrii
Yorùbá: Dmitry Medvedev
Žemaitėška: Dmitrėjos Medviedevs
Srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски: Dmitrij Medvedev
Српски / srpski: Дмитриј Медведев
Беларуская (тарашкевіца)‎: Дзьмітры Мядзьведзеў
Македонски: Димитриј Медведев
Словѣньскъ / ⰔⰎⰑⰂⰡⰐⰠⰔⰍⰟ: Димитрїи Мєдвѣдєвъ
Татарча/tatarça: Дмитрий Медведев
ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ/inuktitut: ᑎᒦᑦᕆ ᒥᑦᕖᑎᕝ
客家語/Hak-kâ-ngî: Dmitry Medvedev
مازِرونی: دیمیتری مدودف


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