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English: This category is meant for coaches with a cab that can be used for push-pull trains. Those that are part of a multiple unit must normally be categorized under Multiple units. There are several terms in english language for this sort of vehicle: cab car, control car, driving trailer, driving van trailer (DVT) or driving brake standard open (DBSO)
Čeština: Řídicí vozy
Dansk: Styrevogn
Deutsch: Steuerwagen
Français : Voiture-pilote
עברית: קרון ניהוג
Magyar: Vezérlőkocsi
Italiano: Carrozza semipilota
日本語: 制御車
Nederlands: Stuurstandrijtuig
Polski: Wagon sterowniczy
Русский: Головной вагон
Svenska: Manövervagn


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